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lirik lagu mourning beloveth – the words that crawled (live)


lie in endless wait behind some cold shadow for a stream of stars that have long since died
their burnt cinders fall upon my heaped corpse and seep into my open pores

with the deadened silence of my exiled mind shattered a torturous word crawled to the darkest cavern of my
being where a dim glow resonated from the eyes of my dead dream and tore a hole in my lachrymal sleep
’twas as if i had motioned the skies to part, and a piece of heaven to tumble past my hungry eyes when a
single lonely drop fell to the inviting earth and buried unending furrows to carve me open

an absurd drop of pain within such a vast ocean of disease
presented a dismal glimmer of searing bliss that p-ssedin such a blinking moment
that it might have slipped unnoticed but for the piercing cries in my heart
the dismal moments have now p-ssed to flounder between the sea
and disease and lay waste to your bubbling pores

the soft murmurs poured forgiving
and with envious -ssault laid waste my breath
in fleeting moments of joy a knock betrayed the vigilant ear and drowned in vastness

you see through the dream, behind the vacant smile of the dead
and cut the seams, that held together my breath
lifeless i lie, thoughts tear my mind and you fly
your sharpened breath, echoes these halls for life
slip the warm knife through my searing flesh
nefarious agony slips inside my smile

as the swallow lands and bleeds, to suck the light and with it weave, dark veils of strangling gloom to cover
this silent room
a fragment of shuddering light appeared and began to bite at the air, so thick with deceit, that all stood
still, all was weak

to echo through your soft, murmurous heart
and pierce your every word
the dreaming veil strangles your shortening breath
as oceans of pain wash through your open veins and pour to the inviting earth

to leave not a trace of those moments
that filled the empty halls and cold
would be to close the shutters on the day(and to dream behind a veil)
the word that crawled around inside falls away