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lirik lagu montego_za – change, pt. 1


[verse 1: montego_za]

yeah it’s the first time feeling like this it’s the first time feeling like l am close from reaching my dreams been putting lot of work lately others show me they’re true colors people come & go but we never left still true to myself still true to my self can’t fake it l believe in music more than what you think to me my music is important to me my music is the light to me my music is the future to me my music is the sound of the hopelеss

[chorus: montego_za]

i wanna change ngicela ungibonise indlеla mina baba ×2

[verse 2: montego_za]
yeah l had to be something else l had to make sure that l keep it positive while l am surrounded by negative people l keep my head up not everyone gonna treat you the way u want to treated remember that l am seching for change for better life not to flex on other people but to inspire you with my gift l am e ntwana from ekasi my heart is full of god angisabi lutho ngicela ubambe umoya mangivela

[chorus: montego_za]

i wanna changa ngicela ungibonise indlela mina baba×2

[verse 3: montego_za]

everything that l am doing is for you mama everything that l am chasing is for my little sister l had to search for change to god & now the future is promising well my imaginations are clear can’t start the day without a pray l have been through a lot njayami & one thing that l have learned god want us to be alone don’t listen to them your family your friends your loved ones got no say to what god got for u believe me on this one