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lirik lagu money m.o.e. – south central


south central – money moe ft kadosha
(money moe)
i’ve done been through the worst of sh-t
shed smiles with the worst of fellons
f-ck around with some grimy b-tches
and drank wine with some thirsthy n-ggas
where i’m from we been know for k!llin
you probably don’t know that feeling
like is always someone out to get ya, all homies even out to get ya, and the police still loud against us
and the set got me moving (?) and meet me and a couple million
i’ma search for a new beggening, couting g’s (a thousand dollars) with some real g’s, chop game with some real p’s
i got my hussle from the dealers
smoke weed with some ruthless k!llers
all my n-ggas bout that business, so easty bread stayed about the trenches, still paying bills for my sista, and my pops want me to visit, still breaking breed with my cousin
f-cking b-tches with my brother , i ain’t been in home for thanksgiving or christmas or nothing ,my momma now im thuggin
i done work for some real k!llers, but i ain’t never done no telling, i was borned and raised in south central , it’s just a block away from where h-ll is, so many lost souls, i can still hear’em yelling, so many dead bodies, that u can still smell then aaargh
(chorus) 2x
my hole life , i tried to maked out, selling crack in the baking house