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lirik lagu minivan helsing – slap chop


it’s helsing
with a warning
this song contains uh
lots of saxual content

slap chop
going for the nuts if he act up
back up
hit you with a pole call it gallup
(okay) (yeah)
black all on my jacket
like a rooftop
who popped
oddly it’s obvious i’m the best one
[chicken noise?]

got em hurting like shingles
this year imma stack chips like pringles
(yuh) (whoo)
nimble with the microphone never simple
(pop off)
i don’t go to parties i can’t mingle
i can’t f~ck with you adders
(pop off)
send you back to the bottom playing snakes and ladders
(skrrt) (yeah)
you motherf~ckers coughing like you’re taking cadavers
(f~ck yeah man, do it)
if you ask me
y’all missing a lotta gray matter

like herе you go the time has come to takе risks
(like uh, yeah, okay)
i’ll be throwing fists until i break sh~t
(uh, yeah, okay)
i don’t have the patience to be cautious
(uh, yeahaha, okay)
gut punch after gut punch til they nauseous

it’s been a wild f~cking year so far and we’re only like fifteen days in
this is my
imma pop off this year
f~ck it
manifesting it right now
catch me in the mosh pit
toss sh~t
odd fit on still fly as a c~ckpit
(ay) (woo)
move it or you lose it
imma take it
leave your glass on the ground like a break in
(slmlmlm) (whoop)
throw fists
gonna see me in your obit
talked mad sh~t
got mad thrown
owed it
totally uncontrollably wired to sh~t talk
go for the throat when i bother to go off

uh 2021
i dunno why we thought it was gonna be so much better than the last one but
i mean it’s not too late