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lirik lagu mineral – aurora


it’s always an answer that n-body questions
some gave out a long time ago
it’s only performance and not dress rehearsal
the hipsters and trash trucks and i should know
but it’s never now, no, it’s always tomorrow
or yesterday here—some kind of shadow show

dump fires in the west now—the city’s aflame
and november’s dreams line the yard sales of may
it’s always a reason they’re trying to sell you
it’s always a reasonable doubt
but things with no reason just pour forth each instant
from nothing and make such a joyous sound

aurora, aurora, a child, a babe
a blue yawning glow upon flowers of the alleyway

and lo, in the east now a pink dragon rises
spills light o’er the buildings from her thousand-petalled crown
makes one all the many, the changelings—reclaims each
rains jewels down the mountains, lights every face in town

can’t get up for falling down
we’re taped together now
love in the lost and found
everything resounds