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lirik lagu miles nautu - i can see


through the art of war
i evolve to a god in a glass jar
3 wishes i want money, fame, and fast cars
blade to the neck of praised till they cast off

praised to the newest flame
i engrave my name
with blood
till it permeate
like a sneeze or cough
i k!lled fate
finished off

they gon’ tell you follow rules
feed you all this bullsh~t and forcing you to consume
you ain’t jumping higher coz you already assumed
that the dream is unattainable, really that’s an excuse
but you ain’t a fool
nah nah, i get it
you just need a couplе weeks to make it outta depression
i’ll see you in a yеar
and now you starting to question
really this engineered
from new media stresses
but that’s just the life
of 2020 teens
on the glass of the pipe
is the solace that you need
in the fast lane
living a fast life
chasing a small dream
dying a happy death is all that you wanna see

dining at mickey d’s
riding the slipstream
several 0s in yours bank
but no one seen

similar style as samurai
stoic and proud
but now’s the time to arise
i find
a dope feeling
hatred in my eyes

i’m stuck in a rope a dope
now i’m choking on the dope, yeah

keep your eye on that
for it hit you in the face
they say hindsight vision
like the damage been erased
this a sly ass way
to control
a race to an end
from a means to encroach
on a new god era
got no faith in the goal
frivolous misdirections and information
incrimination of races
a permutation
of truth
newest to lose
all the culture a bruise
on the kindness of mankind
so cruel
it’s you
in truth
i dunno the difference
i can tell my story from my mental state
but listen
obvious sh~t
every equal
everybody wanna just be treated like people
every politician evil
every rich man
got there through thieving
or fair trades, quotes
it’s okay
my goal
to sever the ropes
and build a f~cking nation of visionaries and goats
k!ll the f~cking world i won’t stop till it’s gone

i’m stuck in the rope a dope
now i’m choking on the dope

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