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lirik lagu mercedes lackey – the herald’s creed


i pledge this day my sword, my heart, to build and help preserve
although i live my life apart from those that i must serve
the laws of truth i will obey in every thought and deed
stand fast while others turn away, uphold the herald’s creed

i vow to heal the wrongs i see as long as i shall live
my heart will guide me faithfully and teach me how to give
i’ll render aid as best i can to those who are in pain
and by the strength of my own hand restore the peace again

the deeds of those who lived before have bound my life to theirs;
their legends opened up the door and taught me how to care
the touch of my companion’s thoughts brings friendship, song and joy
it is a bond that love has wrought and time cannot destroy

i swear to guard and keep the crown, defending all that’s just
no force will ever bring it down; this is our sacred trust
my path is clear before me now, my choices all are made
in honor’s name i take a vow to face life unafraid

upon my soul i make a vow: this light will never fade