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lirik lagu melvin burch – mighty nothings


[verse 1]
i’m a fool, boy!
george michael bluth in the booth, boy
awkward, but eager to prove that i’m not too coy to survive this life, and then die with a girl by my side
in these curls, a whole world resides
but if the core divides? crisis
my fantasy never ends, that’s decisive
i’ve had too many nights when i’ve stayed up typin’, writin’
tryina’ fight this virus
tee and shorts, undead, trying to heal, room is silent
i’m the only resident, evil lurking in the dark
no thrill when you’re bored, and it’s curtains if you’re smart
idle time is a santa anagram’s workshop
and he gives toys, if you’ve been a good boy
but this present i don’t want to receive, i miss the past
nostalgia’s my high, but i admit, it’s a trap
admiral ackbar; so scared of the future
having to act hard, cause, well, it’s much cuter
than wearing low self-esteem on your sleeve
i’m blue, but she can’t have a clue, and no steve
but i sweat her, and i’m green cause she got a man
plus, she prefers light skin, and this is not a tan

[verse 2]
a nerd’s life
with a twist you’ve never heard, like a scr-pped shyamalan script
bars like a convict
hardest of content to share, cause i’m honest when rappin’
so listening back? i’m reminded
i ball at times, knowing i’m on my third strike
wondering why i’m not “out”, swinging at curves life throws
feeling unsafe at the plate
hoping for a homer; so tired of making mistakes…

scared of happy, i could overdose…
my apathy’s emotional…
laugh at me, as i propose a toast…
to the shadows… as they hold me close…
my only friends…
my only friends…
my only friends…
my only friends…