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lirik lagu meek mill – i get it


i get it
(feat. travis scott)

[verse 1: meek mill]
stepping of of that lear, diamonds on me so clear
dime hoes that i share, y’all couldn’t go near
i say, p-ssy n-gg- i dare, you try and reached and get aired
you f-ck around and get checked, doctor pump your chest like clear
yea my n-gg-s ball all year, y’all n-gg-s so square (lame)
and all my n-gg-s so live, why the f-ck would i care
when that lambo flow by, y’all suckas gon’ stare
and all them haters gon’ hate, f-ck them, cause all them hoes gon’ cheer
yea my might life and my bite life got a bad b-tch and she tight and nice
cause i’m countin green in my money machine, that b-tch sound like i typewrite
hustle hard in that daytime but i ball off in that night life
my chain lit with them black stones, but they shine hard as yo white ice
cause yo sh-t fake and yo sh-t late, no birthday but i get cake
lame n-gg- yo alb-m ain’t f-cking with my mixtape
n-gg- smoking that cali kush, that sh-t strong no lift weights
i tell n-gg-s don’t watch me while time tick on that big face

[hook x2: meek mill]
young n-gg- i get it, young n-gg- i get it
neck full of that gold, gold rollie go with it
gold h on my belt, phone full of gold diggers
sipping gold bottles of spade, tell them hoes go figure

[verse 2: travis scott]
wake me up and i’m snoring, choking over whole gang of chains
she slept over the morning, a n-gg- ain’t good with this naming game
ain’t need you f-cking me over, pyramids on my pinky ring
and we dipping out, she pulling in, i guess she get the hang of things
so what up (what up), i told her shut the f-ck up
when i run my mouth diamonds falling out, i guess that b-tch done nut up
crazy thing about it, her best friend is riding shotty
i knocked her down in her ‘rari, then drove off on ducatti
holy mother mary, guess who hitting my berry
a pair of double d’s, i guess she out in paris
d-mn tony them cantaloupes, f-ck about getting mary
she said her ex was larry, but f-ck that n-gg- larry
d-mn this sh-t is scary, i thought i seen the fairy
f-cking with that white milk, just might call it dairy
ride around just me and meek, a couple dimes and that’s 20
sit behind while we pull around, we might blind with canaries

[hook x2]