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lirik lagu meek mill – hottest in tha city


[hook: x2]
hottest in the city [x4]
ain’t no body gonna top

meek milly i’m flammin
hotter den da whip i came in, harder den da pavement
droppin on dese n-gg-s back to back i’m rainmaker
’cause you the top noodle like raymond[save it]
boss ricky ross, stand tall city hall
i’m the hottest in the city got dem rida n-gg-s with me
when they let me out the cell i was bobbin like i’m diddy
den omelly came to scoop with da choppa in his fizzy {like}
like what it is, what’s really good
i be anywhere, any block, any hood
all my n-gg-s ride hard like a inny should
i be beastin these rap n-gg-s like a skinny should
in yo area puffy on scovo, i jus wanna make a little change obama
me and osama co-45ers get the bustin i ain’t talkin yo mama {n-gg- m the}


it’s philly mill, is he really real?
hold up, let me tell dese n-gg-s how i really feel
b-tch n-gg- come home for a stripe, start dissin n-gg-s on a tape {f-ck outta here}
shout out to g-raw, shout out to n-gg- vok, shout out to black neil real n-gg-s on top
i’m on my different sht, can’t stop won’t stop
send omelly out with 30 and he ain’t gon stop
he gonna do you n-gg-s dirty like a floor mop
hit you on the first row of bull shots, more shots
heard about your little diss, you ain’t drop
the mix tapes real n-gg-s who ain’t cop it
my bag oh ain’t i, i’m in my bag oh ain’t i
40 on my hip, one up in the chamber
30 in the cl-t, walk up like a stranger
you with all of dat, dey be like dats a flamer {’cause i’m da}


i spit flame, luke kane yea i finished him
i give it to em n-gg-s raw like dominicans[yea]
hater, i got plenty dem but like -rs-nial, i semmie dem really tho
will is blue, f-ck a n-gg- -ss like omelio, n-gg-s say i’m sick but i’m illy tho
i be on some sh-t behind prints till something hit me with a pretty hoe
be on the southside but in north philly tho, really tho
bird by the pound, but crack by the o-z, i’m so fly all your hoes know me
me, oski, haddy dropped the matix tough, hittin b-tches like the batter up, you mad at dem
we gettin paper, hater how you made it? forty-orty, jump all on it we gettin major
young player, more like kobe play for the lakers, with cavali pardas in multi-color flavors

[hook: till end]