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lirik lagu maybeanton – ham sammich


uh, what you’re going to want to do is get yourself two pieces of b~ttered bread, toast them for about one to two minutes, and then you’re gonna want to get a big wad of mayonnaise and just slather it on there and slap a piece of ham on there, and that’s what i call “ham sandwich”

[verse 1]
yo, day 4, my [?] see or hear her square~headed dad speak again
can’t believe how past folks would treat their friends weird, try to flash back [?]
uh, nuclear family shows have cursed their aura, makes me too aware i’m in a box likе~ (ham sandwich)
how folks would live life in sevеn scenes plus the laughing triggered further talks
i been seeing spirits elevated by my thoughts cause there’s people out here suffering with no spotlight in they plots
f~ck your riches, [?], yeah we disrespect your thoughts, i panorama view you dudes faking all that stamina
yeah we cancellin’ you frauds, scrambled in szechuan
is this mic on? yo when they check for realness i hope they cite anton
um, children of the night please stand strong
(ham sandwich)
[verse 2]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
uh, it’s hard to jerk with fear of knowing hackers might spectate
i ponder my new bravery as i bust atop my chest plate
i fear my favorite people have grown to see me as some sh~tty actor
but don’t we all cook our bad parts in pretty wrappers? (boo!)
another bad spot for [?]
how many bodies has depression caught with rocky concrete?
a stranger told me cost of safety’s worth the cost of locking
at least they’re nice enough to ask before you’re forced to log in
next time you [?] just write your wrist and ass hurts
bad computer chair has got you getting on your last nerve
when i’m in a pinch i like to dip and change scenery
is it add, i be forgettin’ people needing me?
hmm, should i question how the seasons change?
ignoring how the leaves will break is easy with the season’s name
getting dunked on might have you writing tweets on dna
i lost sight overthinking my dream, need a nice camera and the perfect yt
forsaken [?] that once captured my team
and cap about n~ggas on sight [?]
wound too tight, loft [?]
a [?] with complexions like multigrain cheerios
immense disconnections help rebuke conspiracy theory holes
always been the kind to be like “i don’t know but here we go”
a lot of times it works but slam the brakes when i stop heeding warnings
about to face the white noise, it’ll seem like bees are swarming
sleepless nights, can’t close my eyes until i see the morning
like, yuh (boo!)