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lirik lagu matthew the artist – sold my soul


[verse 1: cusax]
i’m not the best? that sh~t had me dead
rollin’ in my grave with my back full of led
you run for it, i said floor it
step on the gas, then i forget the past then remember it
bet you can’t predict the outcome
of yeo, send another f~ckin’ bow with malcolm
hop on the flight that i just got out of
’till a civil war, no cap, i’m outgunned
see me takin’ shots, like a bang bang, pop
then a chk~chk, hit ’em with the ak, stop
then i come back, spit another, vacate, god d~mn
f~ckin’ with a raw man, lot of other options
but you’re out of luck, now you watching
get to runnin’, catchin’ up to you instead of dodge ram
say i’m not a god, prove me wrong
disappear and see me in the booth, i’m gone