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lirik lagu mathew v - anything goes


let’s tell ’em how it goes, boys

in olden days, a glimpse of stockings
was looked on as something shocking
now, heaven knows anything goes
good authors too, who once knew better
will now only use four~letter words
writing prose, yeah, anything goes

the world has gone mad today
and good’s bad today
and black’s white today
and day’s night today
most guys today that women prize today
are just silly gigolos
and though i’m not a great romancer
i know that you’re bound to answer
when i propose, oh, anything goes, oh!

come on!
play that brass!
mm~mm, if driving fast cars you like
if low bars you like, if old hymns you like
if bare limbs you like, if mae west you likе
or me undressed you likе
should n0body will oppose

if every night the set that’s smart is
intruding at nudist parties in studios
anything goes
oh, i suppose anything goes

i guess that’s how it goes

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