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lirik lagu mateo baskaran – peter griffin interlude


i got a bad feeling about this

[verse 1: mateo baskaran]
i’m a family man girl you know what you missin’
first name peter, last name griffin
keep it to myself what i’m cooking in the kitchen
look at all these songs fam, not one listen
n0body’s attention means that n0body be dissin’
scratch that i take it back you don’t know what you missin’
i got her affection way before i got her digits
last name elba, first name idris
first name [?], last name [?]
i been swinging through the city like my last name parker
way i’m sharing all these millions think my last name [?]
k!lling villains, first name jon, last name harker
drop my phone off a [?], fell so far the screen cracked
don’t need to act like a king, i been that
first name theo ’cause my writing’s a~class
now i think it’s ’bout time i got my last name back

[verse 2: charlie orchard]
i feel like a god, like my first name beerus
hoppin’ on this track, i’m so motherf~cking fearless
laughing at these haters like my last name phoenix
sh~t sound so fire i’ll be hoppin’ on a remix
puttin’ bodies down, motherf~cker you gon’ be next
20k in my wardrobe, that’s a light flex
finna use a rubber, i ain’t talking ’bout safe s~x
jobkeeper b~tch, you should see my f~cking paychecks
flying through life like i’m goku
i got that money for no [?]
puttin’ you down, what you gon’ do?
there ain’t n0body below you
[?] in the thousands, i’m stackin’, i’m countin’
all of this money, like kodak i’m drownin’
don’t talk to me, i don’t f~cking allow it
spending so much finna need an accountant