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lirik lagu mat (mat decoste) – gotta make it



i gotta make it, gotta make it, gotta make it
i gotta make it, gotta make it, gotta make it
i gotta make it, gotta make it, gotta make it
i gotta make it, gotta make it

[verse 1]

let’s get one thing straight, i’m not
ever gonna stop, working to earn my spot
make my way to the top
flat rate is a lot, if i hop out, it’s hot
when i run up in the spot, dapped and given my props
been working on this mixtape, could’ve done a s~xtape
but that’s not my gimmick, to the script i stick
it’s only plan a till i’m regnant
they ask me ’bout a plan b like i got a chick pregnant (what?)
in the studio, where my beats pro? newbie, but i beat pros
hungry on them beats, yeah i eat those
sneak disses, i don’t tweet those
if i do, then i’ma @ you, have you crying “please, delete those”
all my lyrics, write on sheet those, mean so i don’t greet hoes
they can suck my d~ck, no t~~th though
yeah i give them life, but i’m lethal
cannot mess with my people, that sh~t was deemed illegal
[verse 2]

gotta make it in the game, not even for the fame
just to hear them scream my name
and realize how far i’ve came
“d~mn, who he became?”
nah, i will be the same
simply with a different drip
different whip, different tip, in me
real litty, especially when liquor’s in me
so witty, you wished you thought of it before me
baby i was made for this, not paid for this
many years, i prayed for this, upgrade to this
see my face or my b~tt up on a billboard, will chart up on billboard
maxing out his cards, got my bills bored
no backwards, i’m moving forward
so you better act right unless you’re tryna get ig~nored
tell them “move out”, cause they’re in my way
if i’m in the 305, i go mia
matter fact, i signed a couple of them nda’s
keep it on the hush, i’ma be back in 3 days

[verse 3]

or maybe 6, once i’m done with hitting l!cks
don’t give a f~ck about no men because to me they just be tricks
white french tips, even on the toes, like coca bricks
if they wanna fight the kid, might throw a few punches and kicks
but, that isn’t how i get down, they spread the word around town
that mat they can’t check, unless it’s for a big cheque
keep my options on deck, give this ass a fat peck
we know the wraith is rented, no need to break your neck
watch me all day like dvd’s, hear me on the cd’s
riding with mercedes by the palm trees
no comma on the tags, then i can’t wear these (nah)
your poppa likes the f~gs, and i’m his main squeeze (ha ha)
barely have begun, far from being done
comparable to none, by default the one
i brought s~e~x~y b~a~c~k
if mat ain’t the best, choke on a d~i~c~k (kyuh)
[outro: speaking]

if you ever doubted me, thank you
if you ever badmouthed me, thank you
my haters are my motivators
signing off
m~a~t is o~u~t, b~tches
d~mn son, where’d you find this?