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lirik lagu margo guryan - hurry on home


[verse 1]
down on the first floor
waitin’ for the elevator
hurry on home
up in the elevator
off in the room
well, hurry on home

[verse 2]
walk up the hall
with a spring in my step
as i hurry on home
key in the lock
and the phone is ringin’
hurry, hurry on home

so, i run inside
and i pick up the phone
and i hear the dial tone
and i know
it was you
it was you

[verse 3]
walk out the door
and ring for the elevator
hurry away
you said you’d call
and if i wasn’t home
you were leavin’ today
[verse 4]
down in the elevator
off on the first floor
hurry away
i can’t stay alone
with a quiet phone
after you’ve gonе away

hurry home, hurry home
hurry home, hurry homе
hurry home

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