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lirik lagu magic – what u gonna do


what the f-ck, you n-gg-z gon do
when my n-gg-z, come running for you – 2x
what the f-ck, you hoes gon do
when my n-gg-z come, spitting that game
we pimps, playas macks
believe that baby, ain’t a d-mn thing changed

i’m in my navigator, p-ssing up all the haters
i give em holla like, why sh-ggy i’ll see you later
i’m with my f-cking crew, we 9th ward forever
so stay the f-ck away from us, is what you n-gg-z better
we taking all the cheddar, my crew be the hardest
we may be few, but we d-mn sho’ shouldn’t be disregarded
you see us in them clubs, hanging out with the thugs
and surrounded by a bunch of b-tches, showing us love
smoking the finest doe-doe, f-ck with us a no-no
i’ll have to get the fo’-fo’, i don’t wan’ kill no black folk
so keep your distance sh-ggy, understand lil’ whodie
‘fore i be locked in handcuffs, back down with sheriff foldy
when y’all was flipping pilla’s, i was fighting with killers
charging twenty g’s to get rid of, every p-ssy n-gg-
another bad creation, so don’t try my patience
i kill for fun, like it’s a ragreation


and to you sheisty b-tches, looking for my riches
i bought twenty acres of land, and dug twenty ditches
see i refuse to let go, of a single peso
so stay the f-ck up off of me, you trifling garbage stank hoe
this ain’t for all the women, just the gold diggers
all up in a n-gg- face, cause i got a couple figgas
i know how to treat a woman, if she got some cl-ss
but if she don’t, she’ll get a foot up in her f-cking -ss
see i’m a playa baby, i got a reputation
get booty calls from superstars, all across the nation
they call me the d-cksman, i coulda been in p-rno
ask them hoes about my magic, see if i’m fa sho though
i keep’s it on the low-low, cause if my wifey do that
she’d prolly buy a louis slugger, whip a n-gg- blue-black
see i’m a casanova, mixed with a little rover
i’m more doggy than snoop, when i’m in them hoes over


i’m bout my millions, i stay away from fonies
i keep my n-gg-z with me, to f-ck all these tenderonies
by 2001, i should be international
hoes in every city, that shouldn’t be a h-ssle
now let’s be rational, who could withstand this
i’m here to show that every rapper, in the world is p-ssed
me and my n-gg-z balling, you and your n-gg-z falling
you ain’t know me last year, so n-gg- keep’a calling
it’s all about my family, i know you can’t stand me
that’s all fine and dandy, i’ll see you at the grammy’s
sitting next… then my lesson cycle
bling-blinging on his -ss, roley ice is so cold
i’m buying brand new bentleys, off the showroom flo’
then raffle the b-tch off, to the homeless and po’
it’s my time my n-gg-, so part the red sea
and wait till you motherf-ckers, get a load of me ha