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lirik lagu magic – do you really want peace


c-murder talks

now do you really want peace
or do you really want beef-(2x)
you say keep it real
it’s all about the game
but when you live the street life
it can bring you so much pain

now i’m tryin’ and pryin’ and
pullin’ dem hoes
smoking so much green
i just can’t feel it no mo’
now when i’m high ain’t no lie
i’m kind of stronger than before
i lose my buzz and i wonder
how that blood go on the floor
now i’m competing wit’ n-body
my gun is bigger
now i ain’t looking for trouble
but i ain’t runnin from no n-gg-
i meet aside for my n-gg-
reincarnating get revenge and granting wishes
leave the b-tch wit’ his jealous friends
ain’t nothin’ mo’ dangerous than a man in denial
ask the hail mary please baptize me in eternal fire
cause evil lurks behind every door
papa killed hisself
i guess he couldn’t take it no mo’
and livin’young and dumb
n-gg-s hustlin’ for fun
hoes addicted to dubs like fiends addicted to drugs
my young victims on these killin’ fields
wishin’ for peace
but see the opposite of ? ? ? is dead-end streets


now do you really want beef huh
you showing off in front of dem chessy broads
what i supposed to blow this off
f-ck that sh-t i’m going off
say fath let me holla at you about something
you got a light(here)(gunshot blast)
then i start to dump it
didn’t matter where the f-ck we at
you gonna get ya issue
so tell ya papa bye-bye
and i know that he gon’ miss you
but my nerves bad and
i don’t play no games wit’ ya
now ya mama eyes running m-sscara she need tissue
dressed in all black
this could’ve been avoided
but ya started now you’re dearly departed
hit’em wit’ a mickey
fakin’ like a waiter
he drinkin’ gin and juice
he’ll never taste the flava
a few seconds later he gettin’ all dizzy
fallin’,reachin’ for the table
once yoy croos the line f-ck peace
and i won’t rest until yo’ funky -ss deceased
ya heard me


magic talks
music til fade