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lirik lagu magic – chicks don’t mind


it’s louis logic and magic
molesting fat chick with contraptions and gadgets
smacking those -sses
we tapping and p-ssing
sit back while your girl grabbing my package like a ups savage
i’m going postal
stamp my logo on the cabbage
i need a bad b-tch down with my urine fetish
you never forget this
girl i’ll have you doing back flips
and landing on my d-ck
now women try to run game
i’m to fresh kid
you’ll get molested
not luke but i’m rude getting banned from stores
even fishing with my grandpa luring in wh-r-s
and i keeps a young lady with an -ss so fat
that her pants could burst off
at any second black
so stand back and see how real pimps handle that
i f-ck a little -ss with a big sandal strap

chicks don’t seem to mind when they’re doing magic
a little loving from us once a day will keep the stress away
and it’s one of those things the little moms got to tell her girls
but she don’t say a word to daddy
that she don’t have to live without it

yo, nine out of ten v-g-n-s prefer magic
it’s automatic
got a fat -ss and i’ma smack it
pack it on up girl i’m eating that tonight
s-x with a minor?
you god d-mn right
and a miner hat on with that little flash light
exploring you sl-t your little girls whoring it up
i’ll flip her from behind and put my finger in her uhhhhh
when i was you i was a real sm-t peddler
used to ride my bike in my local p-rn shop
watch flicks like ram-bone and robo-c-ck
so when i shoot my first video
i plan to make it hot
with your wife in it
and 29 crotch shots
all you do is c-ck block
c-ck please stop
you know i’m from florida so i make the coochie pop
and since i got my own theme i drove a speed boat
with shirt off through your girls wet dream


i’m most obnoxious when i’m out of closing boxers
i make chicks feel italian when they holding sausage
i’m only over cautious when it comes to making sure
i never spend a day or more without a naked wh-r-
waging war in the sack i pull the rocket out
hold them hostage when the c-ck spits
and it’s full it knocks ’em down
they shooting i made you look
watch this i’m like a naked crook
i steal a box quick escape the hook
the cat burgular
and stabbed the p-ssy so many times it’s m-ss murder
that’s worth a peta in a lady’s socket
cause i love hug the beaver like i’m davy crockett
ladies lock lips on my tasty hot d-ck
then i douche them on the mountains if the babies got t-ts
i met a spanish chick in a crazy blond wig
told her ‘damelo mami’
she gave me jock itch