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lirik lagu mac miller – child celebrity



i try to stay
but all of you wants to fly with me
want a picture with your handy camera..
and i know they just one pose with the kid
stay fresh in my .. get ..
so many stars know me but they do not mention me
but is all like i feel like a celebrity

..wanna have a good time ..
i gotta go bad right now
the way these people be loving is hard to comprehend
every time i go out in the public feel like the boy gotta a lot of friends
i don’t want to end bro be back in the crib smoking and playin nintendo

cause me i try to be .. party in miami.. recognize me in the streets
with 1000 women rocking all expensive limo living life like is a dream
i can’t wait to be the game sh-t i don’t want to ever end
.. for you b-tches i recommend


.. now back to the business
with a round of a applause
.. don’t mess around with the best around
.. i don’t need you to co sign
if you don’t like me f-ck you
the future .. homie i believe i am
every time i rock the mice