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lirik lagu young rebel set – lion’s mouth


they saddled me with bullets and they handed me a gun and they said my boy you’re going off to war. i said goodbye to my lover as i walked out the door she said i’m too afraid i won’t see you no more. i re-ssured her with a kiss, and like my aim i did not miss and i hold that memory with me to this day. i said i’m going across the sea to fight another one of me and i know not of the reason or or what for. so i jumped into the lion’s mouth, just to see what life was really all about. and if i’m returned to the flames and whatever still remains oh yeah you will see what i was all about. for years went on by without a bullet in my side and i thanked the lord that i had survived. when i walked through that door i caught you naked on the floor and a part of me that survived well it just died. so i put you in the lion’s mouth, so you could see what life was all about and now you’re returned to the flames and whatever ever still remains oh yeah now you’ll see what i was all about. so i climbed up on the stairs above her body where she lay and i tied that noose around my own neck. and i thank god for all my days and to forgive my wicked ways and let him without sin cast the first stone. and with that said i jumped into my souls eternal bed and i let my legs swing beneath my head. so if you should ever question the reason or what for oh then clearly boy you’ve never been to war.