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lirik lagu yamine – payroll


payroll payroll payroll (repeat 4)

(verse 1: yamine)
i’m on a payroll
yes i’m on a payroll
four times five and b-tches just say so
if you want the beef then my goons will be at your door
if you want the cheese then these rooms will be at your shows
all this cash i got is overweight
too much sauce that i might not get the cake
no more beef man forget that n-gg- shea
he wanted to fight, but yet he ran away
fake -ss pastor and end up in like turbo
all skin no white, fake and burnt like cocoa
new pair of j’s and there fresh like soho
ride through rodeo and getting to the no north
chilling in the back seat with an ak
pull’n on a n-gg- then run like shea, shea
i’ve been in knockin on the door and he was g-y g-y
gus was on the phone smiling saying “yay yay”

(verse 2)
spitting bars like rick ross (ayyy)
fifty rounds no cough (ayy)
if you want the boss (ayyy)
then you will see a lost (ayyyy)
look at all the dogs (ayy)
david’s go and jogs (ayy)
she just want the sauce (ayy)
i threw it off the loft (yay)
payroll when say so
pay no then yay go
if you want it then get it (ayy)
if you want it then live it (yeah)
if you want it then dig it (yes)
if you want it then tick it (ayy)