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lirik lagu xxdineroxx – flames part ii


[verse 1: j4ydizz1e]

j4ydizz1e gets to rocking with the realest, me and dino get to kill it kill it kill it
flames part 2 know we bout to drill it, in the kitchen making milli milli millions

stacking money to the ceiling wanna live it, i am godly motherf-cker don’t forget it

n-gg-s always want my shoes but can not fill it, heat is drastic and these n-gg-s they can feel it

slow down like whoa now, cause these n-gg-s thinking they can f-ck with the best

i want 800 million on my chest, these n-gg-s should know i’m better than the rest

up on a track and i’m playing the ref, making sure that all this sh-t is in check

n-gg-s and b-tches they want you for checks, i’mma show them i am find do not check

it ain’t fake boy it’s lavish, your chain’s made of plastic

your watch boy it’s fabric, you is nothing boy you average

swishing money like the mavericks, but i am not f-cking with dallas

even though i always go there i’m bulls fan like a savage

yeah, jimmy butler with the 3, n-body f-cks with me

it’s alright cause they will see

yeah yeah, young n-gg- going up, got a girl who loves to f-ck

she tsunami that’s what’s up

rappers now a days basic, many numbers like the matrix

got a belt probably faked it, nizzmey got the tapes b-tch

raithage got the sauce, dine’ro here ya’ll lost

gold vest like the boss, watch got one mode frost

wipe me down boosie, all you p-ssy n-gg-s losing

where the h-ll is l cooli, that n-gg- doing movies

and he can show ya -ss some clips, b-tches love the way i drip

gabby still on my d-ck

[verse 2: dine’ro]

b-tch i’m in it for the kill, f-ck around and get shpeeled

i make hundred dollar bills, pulling up in a phantom

pulling b-tches outta random, disappear like randal

walk in with gucci sandals, i’mma fly off the handle

h on me no honda, bad b-tch like ronda

oh i just hit the lotto, gbe like i was capo

all your b-tches infidelity, can’t touch me higher pedigree

erode you down, weathering

shooter mowed you down for meddling

mj i got 6 rings, shooting squad we got 6 beams

i ain’t spitting on the d-mn thing, real bars you ain’t handling

reverse og maco my n-gg- you can not handle me

a-listerr what’s good n-gg-

you ain’t really from the hood n-gg-

actually i kinda like you, sike n-gg- i despise you

emperor, emperor, emperor, p-ssy n-gg- named james

get big little n-gg-, you ain’t got no fans

you ain’t got no mans, a-listerr ain’t yo god d-mn friend