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lirik lagu willy wonka – i want it now!


i want a feast
i want a bean feast
cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts so good you could go nuts.
no, now!
i want a ball
i want a party
pink macaroons and a million balloons and performing baboons and
give it to me now.
i want the world,
i want the whole world.
i want to lock it all up in my pocket
it’s my bar of chocolate
give it to me now!
i want today
i want tomorrow
i want to wear them like braids in my hair and i don’t want to share them
i want a party with roomfuls of laughter
ten thousand tons of ice cream
and if i don’t get the things i am after
i’m going to scream!
i want the works,
i want the whole works!
presents and prizes and sweets and surprises in all shapes and sizes,
and now!
don’t care how i want it now!
don’t care how i want it now!