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lirik lagu why? – easy

[verse 1]
i’ll go anywhere easy
new york or to the news
approach slow, cavalier-y
like a frontline soldier whose
lost home many years ago
well i know
i put a swollen hand on the bible
yea i know
i lost my only hand in chicago

but i’m with you
when the dunlop blew on the interstate
and you’re stuck in indiana a second day
on your way back to cinci for winter break
i put you in a mantra, meditate
’cause we got history
and it’s no mystery
breathe in and out and go easy

[verse 2]
easy anywhere i go
need no thing, travel slow
always tinged in sadness
like an elephant in a tent show
in sync with a song as the credits roll
oh i know
feels like a frozen hand on your shoulder
yea i know
it’s like a cold black hold on your shoulder

’cause that’s you
with a sack of dq at the cemetery
lost in a tabloid magazine
on a boy whose been dead for a century
i saw you out the back of my limousine
ooo baby
but it don’t phase me
i go anywhere easy

do you still remember me?

- lirik lagu why