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lirik lagu weedeater – lines

i want to be free from the noise of the grind
so i live on the outskirts of the back of my mind
with a strong hand a songman and god on my side
i’m writing that freedom a line at a time

on the highway to nowhere that runs through my mind
a yellow line stretches out into the night
broken in places it’s my guiding light
so i’m writing that freedom a line at a time

i’m walking a fine line between wrong and right
i can live with the problems of this day and time
consider me lucky cause i’ll be all right
in my mind i’m having a beautiful life

i’m lost in the feelings of this heart of mine
in search of the border of infinite time
and i find peace of mind in the songs and their rhymes
so i’m writing my freedom a line at a time

- lirik lagu weedeater