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lirik lagu wale – friendship heights


[intro: wale]
[?], i’mma sound like money
shawty put the ill in silhouette
or the wet, haha
i play too much

[verse 1: wale]
i be l-sting for women who re-semble perfections, sending
10 a.m. texts like um, h-llo good looking hypo-
thetical question how do you get all your essence in them
getups and dresses or f-ck it i just be tripping
i love the newness of it, we closer by the moment
none of us used to nothing so my old jokes working perfect
imagination focus and hope i know you controlling
holding your every word and you quoting my older verses
both of our ex’s issues with both of us now seem perfect
hoping our imperfections aren’t noticed or unimportant
we all just rush the feeling, n-body loves the searching
of course we need our intentions before we meet the person

[bridge 1: chance the rapper]
but whenever you got lonely, needed some advice
you’d call me your brother, that word is cold as ice

[hook: wale (2x)]
why, i always fall, for b-tches like you?
i can’t help myself, i can’t help myself

[verse 2: chance the rapper]
i be fishing in smaller ponds for, girls i knew ‘fore the concert
conquer the friend zone first then, beat through the bush i wonder
if the gr-ss is green or, wilted and deadish yellow
i seen them put up lights but, christmas was red and yellow
ham no burger, they fish for compliments
the neighbors up to something, say that in confidence
they set up boundaries and set ups, let downs, and b–by traps
lines for crossing and dotted, i thought i taw a putty tat

[bridge 2: chance the rapper]
same circle loving
a town too small for lovers
you say i’m just a friend
oh you say i’m just a friend

[hook: wale & chance the rapper (2x)]