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lirik lagu visible – i.d.k

i don’t know what you want me to say

[verse 1: visible]
i’m in a predicament i can’t quite explain
but yet i still live day after day
(fw eeeew)
hours p-ss, and same goes with the shame
which i often regain

i sometimes wonder if i could go back
and find a different path with my name

i don’t understand it, (sometimes)
but i refuse to live as a bandit
heart is breaking
and i can’t hardly stand it

i’m a man, so i gotta face this
it’s so hard to change
when you’re use to the same thing
been a little dazed
lately but thankfully
today’s a different day

i don’t know what you
want me to say
i just don’t understand
these rainy days
stuck in a mood i can’t explain
that’s why i say
i don’t know

feeling left astray
but wanting to be left alone
i’m in a house but far from a home
disasters happen everyday
but i feel like i’m stuck in a cone
with no escape
where all that’s left to do is fade away
i don’t know
why’d it have to rain today?

i don’t know what you want me to say
to you or anybody else
you know i
haven’t been feeling right
and i, don’t where to go tonight
i, simply stuck in my mind
and i need time to untwine

[verse 2: visible]
i write most my lyrics in less than an hour
can someone tell me if that’s talent?
or am i slacking?
regardless i back them
cause all i got
is my words

so i can only hope they remain
and i hope for you the same
so i offer you a song
that hopefully you can sing

pull you away from them times of strain
cause somethings are too much to take
and i know what it feels like to break
and inside i hope you shake

that feeling you been feeling
for sometime causing you to fade
whats causing you to ache


[verse 3: visible]
as long as i can be obliquely unique
i might feel a little bit better bout me
i struggle without me

been walking quite a distance
frequently wandering off this beaten and broken path
just to see people laugh
but it never lasts

if only i can stay on task
i can get there fast
without having to worry bout being last

but i keep dragging it on
it’s lagging cause i keep slacking

i need to stay away from that dragon
who’s been bagging, nagging, and hacking
trying to get me to stop rapping!

their won’t be no tomorrow
if i don’t get out of this sorrow

no lyrics left to borrow
if i keep half tailing
spinning in circles

this time i’m prevailing, the trail
leading to more than a hay bail

today’s today
tomorrow is gonna be yesterday
so with every minute i got
i gotta spend time on the clock
plotting and jotting nonstop

even my watch is 24 hours
imma release and be gone
come back taller than your average tower
i’ll be more than an unfunded coward
with no super powers

so turn this up louder
and let all my words shower
every second you got
beckon your beacon from the tallest peak so i can see before i leave!

- lirik lagu visible