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lirik lagu urvashi srivastava – frustration


i am d-mn d-mn d-mn lyricist -3
was it, was it, was it? lyricist

i’m the creation of my almighty god on this earth
but by birth, in this world, is anyone tried to evaluate my worth
what are my goals, duties, and also responsibilities?
aren’t these matter worth’s? but f-cked this entire curse, ahh!!
i’m sick, so i’m the only lying on this berth
and doing nothing by these four corners of this earth
cause i’m too lazy to perform any task any more
but from my deep heart core, i’m telling on this stage
i gotta here too much bore; i filled with full of ache
i’m feeling too much sore, and then sudden p-ssed through this phase
one day where i was snore, and then suddenly gotta chased
by the hooligan four, to the god, i can only pray
then suddenly produces from my inside huge power encore, in the form of blaze
they ran away and felling down on the floor, in front of me they never ever stays
so that’s why there is a change, burst out my craze through this f-cked sh-t cage
now i can’t no more deplore, wanna soar, go by through all these sea sh-r-
my soul is pure, standing at your door; on you my all frustration are poured
this may not happen, if you give me one chance for again to score

i am d-mn d-mn d-mn lyricist -3
was it, was it, was it? lyricist


i wanna explore in minutes, express my views very explicit
on this media, encyclopedia, in india, made me the, call me the
meek uh!! make me always sit, on me u spit, guess me like sh-t
they supposed me like rough stuff so they kick, huh!
but u thinks, how long i tolerate it
but what happens if i crossed my endurance limit?
i made this song, because through this fear by which i crossed it
i saw in this there is a ghoul sitting in it
it captured my guts very forcefully with it
but in this, i thought, there is not my fault
my all strength gonna halt, but by default
i hang it on; again i rap this song, to overcome
whatever be the things which was badly go wrong
in this world every one having very valuable vault
in the form of energy, force and power of guts
when these strengths are combining, by man any demon can -ssault
even you crawl, no matter, but you can scrawl, you batter
your haters, on them, only you can exalt

i am d-mn d-mn d-mn lyricist -3
was it, was it, was it? lyricist

- lirik lagu urvashi srivastava