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lirik lagu unappreciated – one day…


this rap is for the girl i like…

[verse 1]
alright check it
i never knew love at first sight can make you feel like this
she had my heart already
if she didn’t, i wouldn’t be writin’ this
queen, i haven’t seen you in a minute
wrote you this letter, and finally decide to send it
let’s listen to a cl-ssic called, “signed, sealed, delivered”, cause baby, it’s there for us to grow together
baby, love has no limit, let’s spend it slow forever
i know your feelings are f-cked up by what other n-gg-s did to you
i can’t be talkin’
cause i probably did it too
thanks to you, i’m learning how to keep everything real
n-gg-s got good girls
but can’t tell them how they feel
i’m not the type to walk around with all that matching sh-t
if relationship is effort then you’re the only girl i wanna match with
i wanna make you feel the happiest
he wanna hurt you the most
they say the end is almost here, it’s important for us to stay close
i’m a religious dude
so, whatever happens to this relationship
we should always rely on god because he’s the only one that can see us through

there are times
that i think about you
i can’t tell you how i feel
so writing it down is the only thing i can do
i may like you now but sooner or later i’ma end up loving you