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lirik lagu uh huh her – everyone

everyone gets broken
not everyone gets fixed
everyone gets tired
not everyone gives in
everyone thinks that their tears
are saltier than yours
well i have tasted many
i can’t taste them anymore
everyone is someone
as long as they believe
not everyone is everything
and if they think so, they’re deceived
well i’ve seen those who wrap themselves
like presents nice and neat
but if you pull on just one ribbon
well they’re just naked underneath

until there’s none .we’re everyone

everyone’s got a story
no-one knows how it’ll end
and seldom do the authors
even know where it began
so they keep on writing words that breathe
and pray to god they work
but they can’t write out the sorrow
just because it hurts.

until there’s none .we’re everyone
until there’s none .we’re everyone

the walls we build divide us
only serve to hide us
from those things inside
that we share with everyone

- lirik lagu uh huh her