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lirik lagu uh huh her – disdain

oh love, what did you do to my heart?
cause it stains
and i would love to let it go
oh you, you make it look so sweet
it hurts
and i am not the same
oh i can’t escape anymore
i have to let it go
oh i can’t do this anymore
just have to let you go
i wanna break free
walk under a blue sky
oh give me what i need
cause i’ll go sooner or later
oh love, look at my bleeding heart
cause it stains
and we’re not the same
~never fall out of line
oh you won’t let it lie
cause there’s a war going on in your head
and it’s winning so far
please don’t leave me alone
i know we’re not the same, we’re not the same
disdain, disdain

- lirik lagu uh huh her