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lirik lagu trouble – mob shit

[intro-bigga rankin]
(real n-gg- radio)
a lot of n-gg-s count the days they been locked up my n-gg-
why don’t n-gg-s just count the days they been free
(dj technikz, mixtape mastermind)

[interlude-big bank black]
yuh, duct tape mob sh-t n-gg-
y’all f-ck n-gg-s fell the pressure we applying n-gg-
don’t get it twisted n-gg-
trouble home n-gg-
431 days free to be exact n-gg-
nah mean?
i picked lil bro up in the armored truck
he told me the first day, the first–soon as the n-gg- opened the door guess what he say?
“big bro i’m bout to go hard on these n-gg-s
ain’t taking these motherf-cking boots off n-gg-
’til we go get that boat, with aj’s name on the side n-gg-” (rest in peace aj)
he say he got me n-gg-
and i feel the motherf-cking pain n-gg-
y’all f-ck n-gg-s see what it is n-gg-
y’all see we strong out in these streets
a n-gg- ain’t playing n-gg-
we 180 seminole, and shootouts n-gg-
we beatin’ these n-gg- -ss
taking these n-gg- hoes
y’all f-ck n-gg-s know what it is n-gg-, mob sh-t

[verse 1-trouble]
eh huh, think its a game if you want to
i recognize

lyrics not finished

- lirik lagu trouble