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lirik lagu tiffany hulse – i’m runnin’


i’m runnin’, i’m runnin’, 

i’m runnin’ as fast as i can.

i’m runnin’, i’m runnin’,

i’m runnin’, from the man.

[verse 1] 

now one step forward, and two steps back.

i gotta keep going, i can’t look back.

my life keeps flashing before my eyes, 

no family, no friends, i broke all ties.

the next train leaving ‘bout half past ten.

doubt if this town will see me again.


[verse 2]

that big ol’ train stopped at the border.

checked my p-ssport, nothing in order.

they did claim i broke the law.

and then told me i get one call.

i should’ve jumped these rails a long time ago.

now i’m stuck in jail with no place to go.


- lirik lagu tiffany hulse