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lirik lagu tiffany hulse – i call it paradise


i’m flying out on sunday on a big ol’ aeroplane. 

going to an island, but i can’t recall it’s name.

they tell me that it’s different there, the natives are so nice.

some call it their home, but me, i call it paradise.

[verse 1]

so many months of working, and i have to get away.

to end up on this island, it’s crazy in a way.

we got roosters talking in the morn’, frogs chirp hard at night, 

and it lasts long into the morning light.


[verse 2]

pastel colored houses, lined up on the seash-r-.

so many pirate caverns, too many to explore. 

the gr-ss is always green, and the sun it always shines, 

ask anyone, it’s truly one of a kind.



it’s the perfect escape, to a distant type of world.

we’ll sail beyond the sunset, like a painting or a mural.


[verse 3]

pink sand, warm sunlight, and clear blue skies await.

if you get the chance to go, don’t dare hesitate.

it’s a place where the water’s aqua blue, and the sky is pink at night.

sit your -ss in the sand, and everything’s all right.


- lirik lagu tiffany hulse