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lirik lagu thievery corporation – truth and rights

they keep hiding the truth and rights
but we gonna find it
the forked tongues, the blue bloods, the cold hearts
they’re the ones who designed it
i guess the way that the system’s designed
complicated to change your mind
but the facts are there
and to that we can’t be blind

the prost-tutes gather at the top of const-tution
to dictate what i and i can say or do
the all seeing eye that surveys the nation
control the thoughts and information
it’s hard for i and i to live as one.

livin’ at the bottom of the pyramid scheme
never really knowin’ what the symbolism means
those who believe in pentagrams
send the youth off to die in foreign lands
“war is our nature” we don’t understand
pretty soon there’s going to be an investigation

sleepy wonda up and take ya, take ya to a higher level
coz the culture nowadays it seems surrounded by the
false election, fake connection, tamper with
camera they inna da streets whenever me reach an
nah familiar with the path but mi approach mi
sleepy wonda combination wit thievery corporation
and i know the destination to inspire better nation
just believe inna yourself and don’t listen no

- lirik lagu thievery corporation