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lirik lagu the vindictives – this is my face


don’t try to make me smile,
feel like sh-t with me for a while,
take a little break. so what if i act like a child,
let me crawl to you tonight, cause i’m not gonna stay.
right now i’m feeling okay,
but tomorrow is another day, and another face.
i’m not sure what is a something
but i know that’s not what i’m going to be, can’t i be replaced.
i stay up late every night, to think up ways to do things right,
i wanna have it both ways. i get confused about social rules,
so i slip between the little holes and that’s what i like.
what happened to your face, what the f-ck did they do to your face.
just take a look at your face, is that your other face,
or is it the one that you misplaced,
what happened to your face? take a real good look at my face,
take a long hard look at my face, cause this is my face,
this is my face, this is my face, cause this is my face, yeah.