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lirik lagu team backpack – bar fight™ – denzil porter vs illmaculate

[denzil porter – verse 1]

yo, illmac
ask them if they want some parts with porter
they put it all on the line
imma move ’em across the border
we come from a lost society
formed from a lawless order
got my back agaisnt the wall
like i’m hanging this cordless phone up
still bang what our fathers taught us
bugging out on these [?]
suited up without [?]
to stand for something regardless
’cause if you speak where your heart is
and if it real there
no matter if you get defeated
the crowd still will cheer
we rhyme with a mind as timeless
like lines of dalai lama even
allergy season
labels still don’t have to sign us
to do everything we can
to make it out of this barrel of sorrow
and they got us stuck in a [?]
and it depends
and these weak rappers that suck
we should keep them
’cause anyhow they go extinct, illmac
what the f-ck we gon’ eat then?
express your choice, yeah
[?] test and annoy
don’t even consider beefing
it is best you invest in soy
it is just your boy from team backpack
in the source
where homies thought they came in first
until they heard steve harvey’s voice
i got that floor staff
for the new food
more cash [?] scoop through
till my bank account
it got more ads than a youtube
and when it comes to streets
i’m trying to make out like a bad b-tch
and when i’m popping trees
for me, they’re making sure the bag fits
you’re trying to get over me
you’ll be breaking something when landing
no chicks shape me for practice
even when trapped in marriage
don’t have to pull rings together
i pull up like captain planet
we about to change the world
without the [?] and the [?]
watch how many people die
[?] in this sh-tty life
illmac – take that

[illmaculate – verse 1]

daddy’s home
f-ck these rappers, though
i’ll leave the underground
and stack up bones like the catacombs
i hack your phone
and crash a drone
into alex jones
rocking yeezys
picking pedals of an amber rose
when i write my [?] at night
they don’t really live that life;
they’re characters
out of nowhere they got heart;
that’s a twitter like
i’ll make an alb-m in a night
outshine the sun with inner light
miss my flight
still stomp the [?]
no british nights
brooklyn’s king
bit me, right?
portland’s king
am i right?
funny that they sleep on me like a cali king
kendrick, right?
and they no choice of freedom
voice of reason
i don’t wanna be king
i wanna destroy the kingdom
enjoy the evening
they’re soft-spoken if they feel strongly
closed mouths, open wounds
i’m a sore subject
if you feel salty
from cold shoulders to “yo let’s chill, homie”
chill, homie
feel godly and on jesus you’ll get killed
cross me
hold up, what’s real
[?], drugs kill, still
[?] bills on me
bill cosby crush pills on me, ill
mindwork, eye sore
the gang’s shy, [?]
i’m on the climb still
that means i’m on my high horse
catch up
this one they thought they had me
i’m off a single barrel
the double-barrel shot at bambi
i’m edward scissorhands
tr-mm-ng [?]
locked in county
they sleeping on bars
this is not a xanny
i’m popping out these
like they’re cotton candy
not too shabby
alice in wonderland;
playing with the cards you hand me
they sweet as vodka cran
this is shot at brandy
with tumble finger wave
the shaq making barkley angry
throw it in their face
ain’t been on the block since markus camby
infrared game
if i dot her then she call me daddy
i give a f-ck how i’m coming off
like a bra and panties

[denzil porter – verse 2]

mind if i use my phone real quick, illmac?
aight, check it

but it’s alright, though
and those who slow the culture;
i don’t like those
me and y’all ain’t tight close
leave them on a flat line
like a typo
what the f-ck i look like
reading off this iphone?
see, i’m trying to change the world
am i asking for much?
the elephant in the room
these pouches [?] my tusk
but that thing go wooda-wooda
when we banging that stuff
have that buddha fly in your stomach
like you’re anxious as f-ck
and here’s the best thing
move like [?]
trying to hold the ring like i’m the best man
wish every day was friday
so i’d treat everybody like freshmen
so much more meant
you’d think my breath stinks
[?], ha
and my hole needs a face; that’s important
so i rose like i play from the same place as jordan
move at the pace of jeff gordon
you got a list, i ain’t on it?
well, soon i’ll be on [?] list
and recipes of mohammed
see what i’m p-ssed at?
[?] std [?]
and when it comes to money
i don’t give back
negro, please
pay your dues
let me see those fees
y’all moving like you [?] from [?]
dog, we don’t fall for that
my n-gg- grow up, though
we see those [?]
claiming that he bear arms
but we see those sleeves
i said:
he claim that he bear arm
but we see those sleeves
illmac – come kill this whole beat
my n-gg- kill it

[illmaculate – verse 2]

[?] playing
i’m over being underrated
i’m one of the greatest
and that’s just a humble statement
my motivations are hunger pains
and my stomach achin’
haters [?] lists?
i don’t rank ’em high enough to thank ’em
i’m from the [?]
p-ssing father time
puffing mother nature
juggling chainsaws
balancing love and hatred
i made it;
they all knew me out in portland
if i’m not your first pick
you’re taking [?] over jordan
that’s p-ssing on durant
picking oden in the [?]
probably going behind my back
like sabonis with the p-ss
hold up
and know i’m gonna spazz
i give them a gut feeling
like hopkins k.o.’ing dela hoya
with the jab
hold up
and know i’m good at spazz
and my lack of fear
i’m ollie banging drums yelling out:
“the champ is here”
my rap-career like 25th hour;
talking to myself inside the bathroom mirror
i got them cowering in shame
flowers on your grave
malcom with the chooper out;
shower ’em with flames
i’m martin luther with the dream
the violence never changin’
[?] reservations
feel like
[?] take a stand
broken treaties shaking hands
with satan while he’s making plans
in this game the fake expand;
explains how out of place i am
like dead president’s faces
on sacred native land
it’s hippies and outlaws
my band of beatles
try to outlaw us?
well f-ck it
they tried to ban the beatles
critics takes us in vain now
go ahead and grab the needle
they changing up
like game style
when he collabs with people
i said:
they changing up
like game style
when he collabs with people
f-ck it
i set different levels
tell ’em that
b-tch, we never count bars
staying underground
can only get the devil how far
hit the pedal driving by
then fire from the right
like the twisted metal clown car
i tell a chick this ain’t a disney picture
read my lips like litterature
want an explanation?
get clarissa
when i diss her, get with a sister, like:
“sorry princess, cinderella’s missing slipper
didn’t fit ya”
i’m sipping liquor, smooking good
making [?] decisions
[?] baddest women
got me acting different
i had a vision once
the addies kicking
of me getting ghosted on
’cause her motives see-through like an apparition
huh, run up on ’em
barrel long, the gun revolving
going ape, and done evolving
i feel bad for you, son
i hang up on one chick
and got another calling
i got 99 b-tches;
and they ain’t one a problem
tell god that he’ll have to do more than judge me
my mission underground
here’s a few more to study
i cash in every cypher
with my crew [?] the country
in l.a – i’m mula
in new york – i’m money

make some noiiiseeeeee!!!!

- lirik lagu team backpack