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lirik lagu supaman – why

[hook – 6x]
hanawena ha wen hey
hanawena ha wen hey yo wa

why is one man rich and another man poor
why we ain’t satisfied, why we gotta’ have more?
why is suicide rates on the rez so high?
why i tell you the truth, but you say “don’t lie.”

why is being a good father at a’ all time so low?
why is it acceptable? yo, why i don’t know
why she blame him and he blame her? it’s useless
ask yourself this question, why you making excuses?

why do parents gotta bury their kids?
why we text and drive; not caring how scary it is?
why it’s so hard to forgive and leave the past behind?
and if you did, then that’s divine

why don’t you help your brother when you see him fall?
why do we act like god don’t see it all?
why do we call them black, them white, them asians and use labels?
now that’s racism

[hook – 4x]
hanawena ha wen hey (why)
hanawena ha wen hey yo wa (why)

why is there innocent people locked up for life?
why some people can’t say nothing nice?
why do we always gotta’ question what all of it means
and why won’t you follow your dreams?

tell me why…the night when you took my dad
why’d you let me see my grandpa cry?
and tell me why
and why do you choose to hide, even though you was born to fly?
and tell me why
and why don’t we turn from all the hate?
and why don’t we learn from all mistakes?
why do i keep on wrecking these fat beats?
and teachers don’t make more than professional athletes

and why? hée why? hée why?
hée why? hée why? hée why?

[hook – 4x]

- lirik lagu supaman