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lirik lagu stupid stupid henchmen – attack the world


i hate you all, if i’d just say please,
would you kill yerself and drown this disease
f-ck it, don’t listen to me and my song
take yerself out,
act like nothings wrong but its killing us
its happening fast go buy a gun
and decrease the populated m-ss
f-ck these -ssholes, burn em alive
terrorize the minds of the american lives
do what yer told, go by the rules
what the f-ck is that, murder those f-ckin fools overdose, die, come back to life
once yer alive cut yerself with a knife

bleed bleed bleed like a wound
hold a gun to yer head by the light of the moon

i don’t believe in god, he’s just a racist cop
cuz man made him to control your minds out of ignorance
and fear to scared to face the truth
cuz reality bites you hard
and kills every last f-cking hope

bleed bleed bleed like a wound
hold a gun to yer head by the light of the moon

believe in this sh-t, aesthetics b-tch,
i don’t wanna be clean,
i just wanna be f-ckin mean
with a beautiful touch its like o.d’ ing on c-ke
kill every one man, its no f-ckin joke!!!

when everything goes the wrong way,
and you feel so f-ckin lonely,
grab a knife and begin to cry,
cuz yer life’s just full of lies.
please don’t run yer not the only one.
now i bought myself a gun
hold of till yer day is done
strapped down in my bed
with the words that you said
you don’t mean sh-t to me any more,
you made me sick and my throat sore
i will scream my scream to hear,
kill the white man over there
look what i’ll do to this country,
i can’t wait to terrorize thee.