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lirik lagu steeler – rockin’ the city

[music – burtz, eder, pell / lyrics – burtz]

you’re a beast undercover, but treated like a fool
don’t give a d-mn for the others
cause you’ve got your own rules

[chorus 1:]
a bit of rock – rock
makes you come out of your sh-ll
a bit of rock – rock
uuh, give ’em h-ll!

[chorus 2:]
rockin’ the city
rock so hot
rockin’ the city

you’re chokin’ back the anger
waitin’ for your time to come
and when the daylight is fading
just like a starting gun

[chorus 1 and 2]

oh yeah

[chorus 1 and 2]

rockin’ the city
it’s the day of the city
rockin’ the city


a bit of… rock

- lirik lagu steeler