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lirik lagu steeler – rely on rock

[music – burtz, eder / lyrics – burtz]

are you hungry for action, lookin’ for ups
do they all try to put you down?
do you wanna escape… the nine to five stuff
totally out of bounds

torn down – walkin’ alone… and backed against the wall
all alone – but ready to fight… two-fisted… before you fall

[chorus 1:]
then turn it up (feel it comin’)
turn it loud (feel it comin’)
slavin’ day to day (feel it comin’)
blow the night away

[chorus 2:]
thirst for action
rely on rock
rely on rock

you wanna run from the day taken too far away
livin’ your life in a dream
show no mercy, crack up the sound
and make the speakers steam

[chorus 1 and 2]
[chorus 2]


that does it!

[chorus 2]

thirst for action
rely on rock

[chorus 2 (2)]

- lirik lagu steeler