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lirik lagu spazzy d – free

[verse 1: ashton mallory]

blessings on blessings on blessings i’m blessed
was stressed over stressing im stressing way less
and a lesson i learned about being the greatest
the greatest does not have to say he’s the best
drink water
without it i promise you’re looking at death
without it i don’t know how long you have left
there’s water below better watch where you step
kids are the victims & kids are the threat
some holding candy & some hold a tech
some of em laughing and playing some catch
and some of em catching bullets in the chest
and it’s sad cause some have a bullet proof vest
all because they do not wanna be next
up in the sky they’re gonna fly
guess you gotta die to get your respect. free

[chorus: rob curly]
watch out that’s 5-0
what i even gotta hide for
what they even gotta lie for
tell me what my people gotta die for
free all my people
need all my people
belly of the beast
tell me why they gotta feed off my people

[verse 2: ashton mallory]

everybody wanna preach keep peace
but n-body is on the same page
im ahead by atleast 3 sheets
ahead of my time by atleast 3 weeks
release me please cause i can’t breathe
like a rookie when he breathe in the weed
like a little black boy little throat
getting choked out by another crooked police
ima need four leaves, luck
so i don’t get stuck, in the back with a bullet
if i hear it ima duck. like a goose ima jump
and i hope that i fly if i don’t then i’m shot
man they want me to die
man they want me to lie in the lines that write
so that i don’t change anything
but i might have change everythang when i brang in the mic, you ain’t got common cents put some change in your life


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