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lirik lagu sonoak – stellaless/stolen bike mantra

when life and dream are one
that’s when i’m free
to have all happen as it will
and be without a big chase, when there’s not one diversion i need
to get me to sleep
stella-less, more than what’s heard and seen
i’ve tried severing every single tie just to tailor its seams
and i’ve invaded every book just to pillage its scenes
but nothing puts me at ease
like the love that i’m in with my friends
when will i see you again?
be around me

it was taken from me
it was stolen from me
what could i have done?
what have i done wrong?
every day i seem to lose something i had
every single day something i’m proud of collapses

my talents and skills
the colors of my eyes
my job, my bike, my friends
the colors of my eyes

my pride for most anything is as silly as the pride in the colors of my eyes
my pride is as silly as pride in the colors of my eyes

to be proud
is to pity those without
just be grateful

when the day comes to lose what you love just be grateful to have had it at all
but for god’s sakes splurge on a u-lock!

- lirik lagu sonoak