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lirik lagu sonoak – sixteen ways

i want so badly to go back outside on the roof to tell you
sometimes i want to marry you

16 ways to get back to my island
i have so much love
if i could hear it in their silence
i’d be on my way
to a perfect existence
even from so far away, if could hear them when i’d listen

through the cyprus (across the oceans)
and the mountains (this awful continent)
and the pines
i love you even from a plane when you’re just a tiny dot below me
p-ssing too fast for human eyes to see
i think those who live with ease to see a century
might say to their cells “i love you even as a giant with you just tiny dots inside me”
well, i put 16 ahead of all of that long ago
i never looked back
but tiny dots can’t scream
loud enough for the human ear to perceive
and now my human heart is weak

i know there’s so much love
if i could hear it in the silence
there’d be no blind, deaf, or dumb
beyond descriptions of a science
i’ll listen for your songs
on my bike in the wind

- lirik lagu sonoak