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lirik lagu slyrex – long haul

what’s love got to do with this?

i’m in it for the long haul
i’m in it for the long haul
i’m in it till it’s finished, not a minute to waste
are you feeling the same?
(i need a second to breath, she need a second to breath
i couldn’t accept it for her, she couldn’t accept it for me
i learned that lesson and we said)
let me ease your mind
everything will be just fine
all we needed was some time to get it right
don’t know if we living right
never let our anger simmer overnight
i should listen to… i should listen to my own advice

i can’t be the only one preaching
i can’t be the only one bleeding
i can’t be the only one talking about leaving
can’t be the only one dreaming
i can’t be the only one
big bro had dreams he could go d1
used to ball at the rec, putting on for the set
screaming, “these streets can’t hold me son!”
till he caught trouble and the whole thing dumb
hit a lick with the homies till police come
and you can’t dry snitch when your homies run
when down for the lick and the homie’s gun
now he locked in a place where he won’t see sun
baby moms won’t let him see his only son
gotta do another five ‘fore he gon be done
on the phone through bars and he told me, “son it’s too late for me…
it’s too late for me
and i wouldn’t wish this on anyone
cause this here could happen to anyone
but you got all of that talent, sly
don’t let it go to waste”
i looked him in his face and said



- lirik lagu slyrex