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lirik lagu skarpretter – the pigs are out tonight


there must have been a pigsty break out
this place is full of pigs, and they’re all roaming about
it’s hard to f-cking move, this doesn’t feel right
blue uniforms and armoured cars
these pigs aren’t nice, they’re the kind that wage wars
f-ck with them and you’ll get a bullet to bite

there are pigs in the street, walking their beat
there are pigs in the park with boots on their feet
there are pigs in vans cruising on the roads
there are pigs on horses; there are even pigs in boats
there are pigs in plain clothes trying to blend in
there are pigs with computers who keep track on where
you’ve been
there are pigs tapping phones and reading your mail
there are pigs in suits that’ll send off you to jail