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lirik lagu siebenburgen – the soulless

darkened sky, black clouded sun
storm born lords of chaos king
star seals broken, overthrown
come rain, come thunder
come blood from burning heavens

rumbled earth, perished in flames
storm lords coming, prophecies revealed
undivined and crowned in steel
benighted majestis, all ending war

beneath the fires of the ancient one
beneath the flames of the silver sun
d-mnation through the everfall
from the heavens, great demons seen
from the earth, four demons unclean
shadow fever unleashed

hear the h-rns of demon hordes
deathlike sirens, screaming in the wind
anger of the soulless
storming through the gates of the archer

by war and famine, h-ll is here to end, eternal
all faith is burning
through the sleepless fire of the chosen
cosmic dispersion
by the demigods of the descendants

fallen angels sing
while great dragon is enthroned

infernal nemesis, all haling ancient dreams
from zabhuls hate, to elders wrath
eternal majesties, all dreaming in their deaths
… from zabhuls hate, to elders wrath…

exploding stars, blizzard storms
moon blackens bleeding sun
hors-m-n of the prophecies arise
hear great thunder, come and see
enchantment of the dead and dying
six seals broken, six seals bound

- lirik lagu siebenburgen