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lirik lagu siebenburgen – revelation vi

resurrection of the shadow lords
beasts bound by h-llfire flames
darkened might, blackened lights
awaken by the storms of hate

arising from the ashes
rebirth of the demon core
entering the realm of nashtar
-ss-ssination, call to arms

forever though the halls of death and dying
dreamers be awaken, behold the lies

riders of the prophecies, gather and prevail
armies of the morning star
souls of the d-mned
riders of the bleeding skies
warlords of the dead
a new legion born, revelation six…

chaos forget, n’gulh’stha
demon son, cursed by one
fallen star of vengeance sword

born by the fire of the stolen flame
shadows of the king dismissed
flesh alit, ascending death

bewinged this dreamer soon awakened
burning eyes, burning sins…
buried in this keep of starlight
mourning chapel, bereaved domain
entering ever d-mnation, pain and suffering

boiling seas, blood filled and dead
a ravaged earth, burnt and scorned
soil dwelled by death, man forgotten
life dwelled by death, war and pestilence
dead and rotten…
storming plagues ruins all…

all i am, ever shadows calling
greater than he, greater than all
rising above the emptiness
screaming… longing… dreaming…

impaled shape, headless god
transpoting, shading day to night
deranged form, crucified
transforming, faith into fate
the soulless watcher of the blackened skies
closing his eyes, faded all light

- lirik lagu siebenburgen