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lirik lagu siebenburgen – rebirth of the nameless

pervading madness, born in demons womb
reeking breed of soulless creed
wizards spell, alit depraving night
as lilith’s shadow form a sacred chant

putrid flesh this animation of the dead
arising through the flames of banned ishtar
death is calling, unnamed darkness slither
awaken beasts feed, virtue sacrificed

storms ascending, crushing me
oh, grant me visions of dying stars
falling through black voids of ever
darkened fire cleanse
fearless as i greet my death

glowing darkness, follow flaming winds
disappearing light from demons eyes
flaming winds from darkened wings
tearing flesh from my bones

rotting flesh, smell of death
arising through the flames of banned ishtar
slithering darkness calling from below
awaken beasts feed, virtue sacrificed

enchanted night, perishing light
i summon living death
upon the throne of hate

my soul transformed shdow born
burning true and strong
flame of stillborn breed
all hail the shadow king
underworld majesty unleashed
reborn through blackest flame
true son of true blood
i summon thee upon my death
i summon thee…

- lirik lagu siebenburgen